Angela is available for speaking engagements at conferences, seminars, corporate events, and more. With her passion for conservation and her expertise in photography, Angela delivers dynamic and thought-provoking presentations that inspire action and drive positive change.

Conservation Photography Presentations: Angela offers captivating presentations on conservation photography, sharing her insights and experiences from the field. Through stunning imagery and compelling storytelling, Angela highlights the importance of conservation efforts and the role of photography in raising awareness and promoting change.

Indigenous Wisdom: A Blueprint for Planetary Healing: In this thought-provoking presentation, Angela delves into the profound wisdom of indigenous cultures and explores how their ancient knowledge can serve as a guiding light in our modern quest for environmental sustainability. Drawing on her experiences working closely with indigenous communities, Angela shares powerful insights and stories that highlight the deep connection between indigenous wisdom and the health of our planet.

How to Become a Conservation Photographer: Are you interested in pursuing a career in conservation photography? Angela provides guidance and advice on how to get started in this rewarding field. From developing your photography skills to finding your niche and building a portfolio, Angela shares practical tips and strategies for aspiring conservation photographers.

Starting a Photography Business: For those looking to turn their passion for photography into a business, Angela offers valuable insights into the process of starting and running a successful photography business. From marketing and branding to client relations and pricing, Angela shares her expertise to help aspiring entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of the industry.

Educational Presentations and Lectures: Angela is available for educational presentations and lectures on a variety of topics related to conservation, photography, and environmental sustainability. Whether you’re hosting a conference, workshop, or school event, Angela’s engaging speaking style and informative content will leave a lasting impression on your audience.

If you’re interested in booking Angela for a speaking engagement or would like to learn more about her services, please fill out the contact form. Angela looks forward to sharing her knowledge and passion with your audience and helping to make a difference for our planet.



Join me as I explore I beautiful planet and all the endangered animals, habitats, and cultures it has to offer.

*All Photos taken of animals in their natural habitat undisturbed.