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 From marine conservation efforts to educational outreach programs, our partnership with the Chumash Heritage National Marine Sanctuary is dedicated to preserving the sanctity of these waters for generations to come. Join us in safeguarding the marine treasures of the Chumash homeland, as we merge tradition with innovation to protect our ocean’s legacy.

project showcase


Dive into the world of the endangered Southern Sea Otter, a keystone species teetering on the brink of extinction. In the serene waters of Morro Bay, these playful creatures find refuge, yet their habitat is under constant threat. Join the conservation efforts as we unravel the story of their struggle for survival and the crucial role of preserving Morro Bay’s delicate ecosystem. From the tranquil kelp forests to the bustling coastal communities, discover how every action counts in safeguarding these precious otters and securing their future in the wild. Experience the beauty of nature intertwined with the urgency of conservation in this captivating tale of resilience and hope.


Join me as I explore I beautiful planet and all the endangered animals, habitats, and cultures it has to offer.

*All Photos taken of animals in their natural habitat undisturbed.