Protecting the Endangered Cheetah

In the vast savannas of Africa, where the golden grasses sway in the gentle breeze and the sun beats down upon the scorched earth, roams a creature of unmatched grace and speed—the cheetah.

Puffin SOS: Flapping Against Human Tides

In the wild expanse of the North Atlantic, where icy winds whip across rugged cliffs and tumultuous waves crash against ancient shores, a small but mighty creature fights for its survival

Monarchs in Peril

The monarch butterfly, with its iconic orange and black wings, has long been a symbol of beauty and resilience in the natural world. However, in recent years, these majestic creatures have faced unprecedented challenges that threaten their very existence.

Sea Otters & Wind

In Peril: Morro Bay’s Endangered Sea Otters and the Battle Against Offshore Wind Farms

Horns of Hope

In the rugged terrain of Coachella Valley, amidst the towering peaks and sun-scorched canyons, roams a creature of majestic beauty and profound significance—the Peninsular Big Horn Sheep.


I shot this black Rhino with the intention of honoring the extinct white rhino, and the wildlife rangers that die protecting the remaining black rhino. I blew out the black rhino to portray it slowly disappearing.

Patagonia Puma Cubs

I started the day putting good intentions into the universe that we would be honored with seeing one of the many special puma that lives in this region.

Mekong River Climate Refugees

The pursuit of profits over people and environmental protections are creating climate refugees from the government level.


Join me as I explore I beautiful planet and all the endangered animals, habitats, and cultures it has to offer.

*All Photos taken of animals in their natural habitat undisturbed.