Angela Farmer

From her earliest days, Angela’s soul was stirred by the rhythms of the natural world. Her indigenous roots provided a foundation for her understanding of the intricate interplay between humanity and the environment—a perspective that would shape her life’s work. As she grew, Angela embarked on a journey of exploration, both physical and spiritual, seeking to understand and document the evolving relationship between human activity and the Earth.

Angela’s belief in the interconnectedness of indigenous wisdom to Mother Earth is at the core of her advocacy efforts. She recognizes that indigenous cultures hold invaluable knowledge about living in harmony with the natural world, and she is deeply committed to preserving and honoring this wisdom. However, she also acknowledges the endangered status of indigenous communities and the urgent need to protect their cultures from further erasure.

In her artistic endeavors, Angela pays homage to the sanctity of nature. Through her lens, she captures the fleeting beauty of landscapes and the silent grace of endangered species, weaving together images that evoke a sense of wonder and reverence. Her photography serves as a powerful reminder of the interconnectedness of all life and the urgent need for conservation action.

Through her artistry, advocacy, and unwavering dedication, Angela J. Farmer embodies the spirit of conservation, inspiring others to join her in safeguarding our planet’s treasures for future generations.

Angela is a passionate activist whose multifaceted efforts span across various domains, all aimed at creating a more inclusive and sustainable world.

Angela’s journey has led her to unexpected paths, including three decades of global exploration with Olivia Travel. As a tour leader for LGBTQ+ women, Angela has guided countless travelers on transformative journeys that foster understanding, compassion, and connection with the natural world.

Angela’s commitment to conservation extends beyond her photography. Angela’s conservation efforts span the globe, from her work with organizations in the western world like the Morro Coast Audubon Society, where she offers her expertise to protect the habitats of endangered birds such as the monarch butterfly. Additionally, Angela contributes her skills to initiatives like Zealandia, the world’s first fully fenced urban ecosanctuary located in Wellington, New Zealand. With a visionary 500-year plan to restore the valley’s forest and freshwater ecosystems to their pre-human state, Angela plays a vital role in preserving and rejuvenating these precious natural landscapes. Across diverse ecosystems and continents, Angela’s dedication to conservation knows no bounds, embodying her commitment to safeguarding our planet’s biodiversity for generations to come.

One of Angela’s most impactful collaborations is with the Chumash Sanctuary, where she works closely with the Chief of the Chumash Tribe to preserve nearly 7,000 square miles of ocean along the Central Coast of California. This groundbreaking initiative, the nation’s first tribally led nomination, aims to protect both marine and cultural resources for generations to come.

In 2022, Angela achieved a significant milestone by winning the top spot in the “Human Impact” category of the Ocean Conservancy’s Photography contest. Her images not only capture moments but tell stories that resonate deeply with the soul, shining a light on the profound beauty and fragility of our planet.

I became a conservation photographer to pay it forward, educate, inspire, and empower people to change their behaviors and take action. I believe it’s my civic duty to support small grass roots conservation organizations and other environmental causes that don’t have the funds to hire professional photographers.

I am committed to not having a transactional relationship with nature and protecting the subjects I depict by giving them a pictorial voice.

I commit to working respectfully with integrity and professionalism with all I encounter, whether human, animal, fungi, plant, or other organisms as well as the landscapes and waterscapes in which I will work. When working with Indigenous people and local cultures, I will respect and accurately represent their cultural values and traditions and share their voice, not mine.

In all places I work, I will familiarize myself with, and follow, all appropriate laws, regulations, and customs. I will hold myself accountable to all I interact with.

Nature will always come first. Consideration for the welfare and conservation of humans, animals, fungi, plants as well as the integrity of the landscapes and waterscapes in which we work, will be placed above all else. When dealing with wildlife, priority will be given to minimizing any negative physical, emotional, or behavioral impacts we may have.

I commit to being authentic, accurate and transparent during image capture, post-production, portrayal, captioning and storytelling.

I commit to hold myself accountable to strict adherence to these Ethical Principles.


Join me as I explore I beautiful planet and all the endangered animals, habitats, and cultures it has to offer.

*All Photos taken of animals in their natural habitat undisturbed.